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ABC Eastbourne Plumbers offer you competitive prices and excellent service.

Do you have a faulty boiler or a boiler breakdown?
Is you boiler due a service?
Do you require a Gas Safety report and or a Landlord report?
Do you have an old inefficient boiler?
We can help with all of the above, and lots more too!

Some of our services include:

Boiler servicing

Keeping your boiler in tiptop condition can help with your efficiency. We check that it is working correctly and safely. Spotting potential problems early help to avoid costly repairs. If you are a Landlord your properties require a Landlords report and / or a Gas safety report annually. These are included in the cost of servicing.

Central heating systems, repairs & maintenance

We fit extra radiators and we replace them. We manage thermostatic radiator valves that independently control the temperature of each room which increase your efficiency. We fix noisy circulation pumps. We repair leaking pipes that are leaking. We upgrade controls and much more.

If you look after your central heating system, it’ll look after you. Servicing your central heating system is the responsible thing to do.

Boiler installation and boiler replacement

We install complete new central heating systems, we replace boilers or convert them. We only install ‘A’ rated boilers with ‘high efficiency’ from the leading manufactures. Replacing a ‘G’ rated boiler with an ‘A’ rated boiler will significantly reduce you gas consumption saving you £££.

Power flushing

Do you have radiators that are cold at the bottom? Are some of them slow to heat? Do you hear any odd or strange noises from your boiler or heating system? Heating systems can become very inefficient as the build up of sludge or corrosion deposits in the system put extra stress on pumps, motorised valves etc. You may require a full system power flush. ABC Eastbourne Plumbers manage all of that.

What are some of the benefits of power flushing?

Keeps efficiency as high as possible reducing fuel bills.
Extends life of boiler, circulation pump, valves and more.
Radiators will heat fully and faster.

General plumbing

Whether it’s a slight dripping leak or a burst pipe, blocked sink or you just searched for ‘plumbers near me‘, ABC Eastbourne Plumbers can help. For exceptional professionalism and quality service, make sure to call the best plumbers in Eastbourne.

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